Madcoin Unleashed

Web & Social Media Traffic Exchange meets Crypto.

Secure Cryptocurrency

Easy and lightening fast payment tranactions with the new Madcoin Unleashed.

Target Traffic Exchange

Get more traffic and receive higher rankings for your website and social media.

Join the Network

Collect more coins as reward by supporting our network with an own masternode.

Traffic Exchange

Earn coins to support our network and boost all your web or social media projects with real traffic from human visitors to get promotion and higher rankings. The upcoming Madcoin Unleashed Traffic Exchange is an easy to use one-in-all platform to support all your projects.

Control your coins

With our local wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux you will have full control over your own coins in the Madcoin Unleashed Network. Full privacy, lightening fast transactions and masternode support to get rewarded for supporting our blockchain.

Download the Wallet

Click at the links below to download the new Madcoin Unleashed wallet or visit our Official Github to get the source code of the Madcoin Unleashed Core.

Windows Wallet  MacOS Wallet  Linux Wallet

Do you have any questions?

We have the answers

Another Madcoin?

The original developer of Madcoin [MDC] left us and we have completely refreshed the project with a brand new team and concept.

Another coin swap?

All the different Madcoin versions from the last years made it necessary to swap Madcoin to the final version: Madcoin Unleashed [MDC].

Got more Questions?

Please click here to join our new discord channel today and stay informed of all important news and to take part in the coin swap and airdrops.

Let’s meet new Madcoin Team


Lead Developer

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team coordinator

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customer support

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Madcoin enthusiast

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